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10 Decorative Thanksgiving Finds on Etsy

With Halloween only a week away, I’ve begun the search for more Autumn and Thanksgiving inspired decorations.  I don’t usually decorate the house specifically for Thanksgiving, because we ALWAYS find somewhere to go on the actual day.  I can cook, but I am a much better assistant when it comes to preparing large meals.  And, by assistance, I mean ‘Do you need me to bring the rolls?’.  Yeah, I’m a little lazy when it comes to the big family gatherings.  Luckily for me (and my kids) my mom, sister and niece are all wonderful cooks, so we always find somewhere to pig out on Thanksgiving day.

These decorations I discovered on Etsy are inspiring me to do a little more decorating this Thanksgiving.  I don’t think I’ll go crazy and actually cook for everyone, but at least my home will look well dressed.

  1. Thanksgiving Burlap Pennant
  2. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Tags
  3. Autumn Leaves Thanksgiving Photo
  4. Thanksgiving Pillow
  5. Thanksgiving Coaster Set
  6. Thanksgiving “Give Thanks” Wooden Sign
  7. Thanksgiving – Vinyl Wall Decal
  8. Thanksgiving themed Candle Box
  9. Decorative Metal Pumpkin Centerpiece
  10. Harvest Moon Flameless Candle

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