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Make Two Challenge – Storage Step Stools

The first project of my Make Two Challenge is complete.  Yay!  I originally built one of these stools for my daughter over a year ago and she uses it constantly.  It is the perfect height for little ones that are just not quite tall enough.  She has used it  to reach the bathroom sink, climb into bed, help in the kitchen and stand on while painting or coloring on her easel.  Her favorite feature is the flip lid with the storage bin inside.   Barbies and stuffties (her word for stuffed animals) alike have used it as an excellent hiding place while she played hide-n-seek with them.  Another one of her favorite uses is to occasionally hide her brother’s toys that she is not supposed to be playing with…so sneaky.

Her cousin will be the lucky recipient of the blue one this year and I know he will love it.  These guys are super easy to build and you can find the plans on Ana-White.com.

Both storage step stools were painted using Oops paint purchased from one of the many Home Depot’s in my neighborhood.  I do love those sample paints, especially for $.50 cents a pop.  If you do a lot of craft projects, I would highly recommend regularly checking out the oops paint section during your visits to any home improvement store.  The color selection is completely random, but the sample pots are so inexpensive you can grab any color that draws your attention even if you don’t have a project lined up for it yet.

So much more building to do before Christmas!  I have a complete play kitchen in progress along with several smaller projects, which I’ll be sharing photos of as I get them completed (I hope!).

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