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Boo! 5 Fun Ghost Decoration Ideas for Halloween

What would Halloween be without ghosts?  These guys range from sweet to down right scary, so there’s something here for everyone’s sense of Halloween style.

  1. Ghoul’s Night Out
  2. Milk Jug Ghosts
  3. Spooky Black Ghosts Tutorial
  4. Cagey Ghosts
  5. Lawn Garbage Bag Ghosts
  6. Hanging Ghosts from PB

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Halloween Mirrors

Looking for something a little creepy to hang on your wall this Halloween? Or maybe something more with just the spirit of Halloween?  There is a little bit of everything below.  My kids love to look at all the scary stuff during the Halloween season, but I have a feeling the animated mirror would be a little too much for them (you have to watch the video).  The mirror with the glowing eyes would probably be more inline with something that wouldn’t give them nightmares every evening.  What’s your style?


  1. Animated Halloween Mirror – Video you can watch of the mirror in action – very creepy!
  2. Spooky Mirror Tutorial
  3. Ghouly Ghost Mirror
  4. Skull Halloween Mirror – Prop
  5. Skull Shaped Mirror
  6. Spider Mirrors – They have lots of other shapes
  7. Mirror with Glowing Eyes Tutorial
  8. Scary Skelton Mirror Decoration

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