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Before and After Furniture Makeovers

I have been itching for a fun furniture makeover.  Unfortunately, my work schedule has kept me pinned to the sewing machine for the past several week and I am forced to live vicariously through some of these amazing projects.

I love this idea from Art is Beauty.  This is not only a beautiful piece it is completely functional.

And, I love a great coffee table makeover (since I’ve yet to decide on what to do with mine).  This one from Fab Rehab Creations is great.

Fun & funky dresser makeover from I’m Not a Trophy Wife.  Love the bright colors!

This desk is in one of my favorite shades of turquoise.  Just the right mix of green and blue.   And, I LOVE the cow print too!   You can see both the before and after on Refresh Restyle.

Another great potting bench creation.  This one is from Jack of all Trades.

I have a thing for mid-century modern furniture and this dresser makeover from Plumdoodles is awesome.  As always I’m amazed at the power of paint.

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Before and After – Dining Room Table Makeover

Done.  Finished.  Finito.   Finally.  After what seems like forever I finally finished up my dining room table and chairs last night.  I started several weeks ago with  one of the dining room chairs (you can read about it here) and then worked my way through the chairs one at a time.   The last chair was finally finished this past Friday and I got ready to jump right into the table makeover or at least that was the plan.  Unfortunately, we had some serious thunderstorms blow through that brought so much wind and rain it was impossible to really get the ball rolling until Sunday.  As soon as the weather cleared the fun began.


It is an old table that I purchased at an auction 10+ years ago and I loved that it was square, but could easily be converted to a larger rectangle shaped table,  if needed.  At some point and time I applied some stain to the table, but never bothered to finish it any further than that.  Can you say lazy?

The chairs were all completed when I took these pictures, so they really make the table seem more sad and neglected.  The table actually turned out to be a much easier project to tackle then the chairs, but paint versus stain is always easier IMHO.  The plan was simple,  sand down the table top and stain to match the chairs, while painting the bottom half something bright.


And, amazingly, everything went really smoothly.  The table top received two coats of Polyshades in Antique Walnut, just like the chairs, but it also received another coat of Polyurethane for extra protection.  I may still do one more coat just to be sure it’s sealed up properly.

This flash photo was the only way I was able to get close to a true representation of the paint color.  Remember when I said I was going to paint it something bright?  Oh, yeah it’s bright.  I love it.  I usually chicken out when it comes to going a little crazy with color, but this time I just went with it and didn’t give myself an opportunity to back out.  The legs were sprayed in a color called Lagoon by Rustoleum in a satin finish.  You can see a more true representation of the color here.

Now that this project is finally complete I can’t believe I lived with it in that sad state for so long.  Now if only I could update the 80’s railing that surrounds the dining area.  Ah, the joys of renting.

Cost Breakdown:

Polyshades: $13 (quart/about half a can left)

Polyurethane: $0 (on hand/approx $12 if you had to purchase)

Spray Paint:  $4 (partial can/plus 1 new can)

Sanding Supplies: $0 (steel wool & sandpaper on hand)

Total:  $17

This is one of those projects that involves more time than anything, which I guess I can use as my excuse as to why it sat like it did for so long??


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