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Dress Sewing Tutorials on Pinterest

I have a goal, hope, dream, whatever you want to call it (except for resolution), that this year I will sew more clothes.  Probably not for me, but definitely for my daughter.  Last summer I purchased a recycled dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo and was very happy with it.   My daughter ended up with a nice collection of super cute summer dresses (more on that here).  But this year I want to expand her wardrobe and my skills a little, so I did a little tutorial searching via Pinterest.  This search was mainly for simple dresses, but I hope to tackle summer shorts and tanks, too.

Adult sweater into a child’s dress.  So cute and super easy.  Wish I had found this one sooner.  We have such short winter’s here in Texas.


Upcycled T-shirt Dress Tutorial. Very easy and personalized.


Summer T-shirt Dress Tutorial. I love the pleats and bottom of this one.


Tank top Party Dress – Love this skirt!

Source: lilblueboo.com via Alida on Pinterest


Snap Wrap Dress Tutorial


Summer Frock Tutorial


Cascading Ruffle Skirt Tutorial

Source: lilblueboo.com via Alida on Pinterest

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