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Floating Shelves…Finally finished

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was on the hunt for floating shelves and found several options that really appealed to me.   One of my favorites were some basic block shelves found on Ana-White’s furniture plan site.  So having made my decision to build those shelves, I re-visited her site to download the plans and ventured off-course like I usually do (sooo many plans!) and found these.

Image Courtesy of Ana-White.com

How can you beat $10 shelves?  It’s almost impossible and since you could build them to custom lengths they were perfect.  The icing on the cake was the fact that I had all the necessary lumber on hand due to leftovers from previous projects.    With all the lumber ready to go, all I had to do was figure out some measurements for my shelves to make sure everything would fit properly and that was it.  Done deal.  The shelves only take a few minutes (maybe 10) to cut and assemble, but as with any DIY project you do spend a good deal of time sanding, painting and finishing.

I built two shelves and was able to paint a smaller shelf we already had to match (top shelf).  The paint was leftover from the apothecary entertainment cabinet I built from earlier this year (also an Ana White plan).

In the end, the biggest part of this whole project was spray painting all the frames flat black and a then of a few of the mats white, so everything would match somewhat.  That chore actually took longer than the building of the shelves.  Nevermind the process of deciding which pictures to have printed and at what size.  Oy vey!  I’ve had everything up for a few days now and really love the whole setup.  I apologize for the lousy picture, but we actually have dark and gloomy weather here today so a flash was necessary.

One project marked off the checklist.  Yay!

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Floating Shelves – The possibilities seem endless…

Shelving.  The options seem endless and when it comes to accessorizing I can over think an idea to death.  It doesn’t really matter what or where the item needs to go in the house.  This is the usual debate that takes place in my head…Is this the right style, size, shape and color?  Will I like it a week from now? A month?  And, unfortunately, this debate will continue until I basically talk myself out of whatever I’ve discovered.  It’s a vicious cycle.   And to add to the internal debate, I’m not drawn to any particular style,  I love a little bit or a lot of almost anything and that can sometimes add to the difficulty of making a final decision on any one piece.   Currently, I’m searching for shelving for the area behind my living room sofa.  It’s a large contemporary style sofa and at the moment I’m drawn to floating shelves.  My current favorites are below:

  1. Cool shaped Floating Shelves (build process was a little intimidating though)
  2. Elegant Floating Shelves
  3. Pallet Floating Shelves (interesting, but probably too rustic)
  4. Metal Floating Shelves (so cool, but custom made = pricey)
  5. Thick Floating Shelves (office makeover, but I like the thickness)
  6. Wrap Around Floating Shelves (love the look of this room)
  7. Glass Floating Shelves (love these, but my kids would destroy them in no time flat)
  8. Easy Build Them Yourself Floating Shelves (probably the route I’ll go, since I can customize)

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