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Misadventures in glass painting…

Okay.  It all began with two clear glass candle holders that were purchased at a local thrift store for next to nothing.   After finally deciding to experiment with glass etch cream and stencils, I went to work.  Having never used etching cream before, I knew there was a definite possibility of failure.  Very rarely is the first time a charm.  And, so as not to deviate from tradition this little experiment failed.  Twice. Unfortunately, on the first take I was not able to tape the stencil down tight enough and a little of the cream started to seep underneath.  Bummer.  So with candle holder #2 I made sure it was super tight and everything was going beautifully until I went to rinse off the remaining cream (after waiting the allotted time).  It had etched perfectly in some areas and barely at all in others.  Ugh!  Needless to say I set the candle holders aside while I debated on what to do with them.  I must admit crunching them into teeny little pieces of glass crossed my mind.

Etched glass failure #1


Fast forward a couple weeks and I’m now ready to tackle this project again.  Or so I think.  I decided to use painters tape to create a striped look using etch cream and paint.  Sounds good, right?  This would cover any of my previous errors.  After taping the candle holders I applied etch cream again and waited way longer than recommended since my previous attempts hadn’t turned out so hot.

Etched Glass Project - Take 2

Now it’s time to rinse off the cream again and there are big areas that didn’t etch.  My frustration level at this point is crazy high.  What was I doing wrong?  Glass was clean, dry and cream was applied nice and thick.  Needless to say I gave up on the etch cream at this point and decided to go all paint.  Paint would cover everything.

Etched Glass Failure #2


I re-tape the jars (obviously not thinking straight at this point) and spray with some really cool glitter spray paint in cherry bomb red.  It covers beautifully, but even with a 1/2 off coupon the little can was around $4 and I used every last bit to cover the two candle holders.   So it is a little pricey.  I left the glass holders alone for the night to be sure they dried completely.

Glitter Blast Paint Job


It was that night while I was laying in bed that I realized my mistake.  Why do things like that always hit you when you’re in bed?  It was one of those times where I was almost completely asleep and then ‘bam’ a thought popped into my head…  I should have sprayed a base layer of paint first, then taped and sprayed the glitter paint.  Duh!   My frustration over the failed etch cream experiments must have completely thrown me off.   So the next morning, I taped over the glitter paint carefully to prepare them for the bright silver spray paint.

The FINAL tape job

After a couple of light coats of the silver spray paint, these two candle holders are finally completed.  I am happy with the final product, but this was definitely more time invested than I originally planned. And, I haven’t given up on etching cream yet.  I’ll just have to tackle a smaller project first and figure out where I went wrong.  Any suggestions?

These two will be perfect Christmas decorations this year and I was considering finding a couple more at the thrift store to create some unique Christmas gifts.  A little change up in the color scheme and you could create some lovely, personalized gifts.

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12 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

My gift giving goal this holiday season is to create and give as many homemade gifts as possible.  That means I have to start early.  Like now.  Projects always take longer than expected and that means I’ll have to kick my procrastinating butt into gear.  The list complied below is a great mix of gifts for both kids and grown-ups alike.  My daughter would love her own play kitchen or the little purse accessories and I’m thinking the grandparents would love some custom photos of the grandkids.  I can think of a few people who would love the mercury glass lanterns,  myself included.  The chalkboards would make great gifts for teachers and homeschoolers, too.  As you can tell, I have plans for all these great ideas…but can I get to them all in time.

  1. Mod Podge Photos onto Canvas
  2. DIY Play Stove
  3. Easy Sew Pillowcase Dress
  4. DIY Fitted Tee to Dress Tutorial
  5. DIY Large Play Kitchen 
  6. Handmade Guest Slippers
  7. Easy DIY Framed Chalkboard
  8. Mercury Glass Lanterns
  9. Cute Little Girl Purse Accessories
  10. DIY Simple Skirt
  11. DIY Magnetic Chore Chart
  12. DIY Bow Hair Clips
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