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12 Christmas Tree Ideas Pinterest Style

It was a Pinterest morning and I had Christmas trees on my mind. I am debating on whether or not to put up a full scale tree this year and thought I would do some browsing for ideas.  See we don’t usually spend a lot of time at home around Christmas.   We do quite a bit of visiting family and usually spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning elsewhere.   So I was thinking maybe I could go in the direction of something on a smaller scale.

Love the look of this, but oh-man I don’t think I have the patience for what it would take to assemble this tree.

Source: notmartha.org via Ariel on Pinterest


Very cool.  I love all the detail even on such a small scale tree.


I love the color of this one.


I think the kids would really like this one.  Colorful and fun.


Wondering how this tree would look a little larger.  Would the stars still hold their shape?  Hmmm…

Source: flickr.com via K on Pinterest


Perfect size for the mantle and out of the way of both children and the dog.

Source: horchow.com via Laney on Pinterest


Edible.  Yummy.  Make those chocolate covered strawberries and I’m in.


A little rustic.  These are for sale on Etsy, but I was thinking this idea might be worth some experimentation with leaves from my own front yard.

Source: etsy.com via Alida on Pinterest


Another one the kids will love.  It sparkles and lights up.

Source: etsy.com via Alida on Pinterest


This was a Christmas tree kit to purchase.  She had a few different styles, but I thought it might be fun to create one with the kids.


Sewing pattern tree.  I just love this one.  Must be the seamstress in me.

Source: howdoesshe.com via Alida on Pinterest


Funky and different.  I love those lanterns.

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