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25 Days of Christmas Blogshare – Day 12 – Ornament Tutorial

25 Days of Christmas

December 12, 2011

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Shimmery Christmas Ornament

So I had planned on knocking your socks off with an amazing tutorial for a wintery glitzy lamp shade for Christmas decorating. You know how it is, you have this idea in your head and it’s going to be simply stunning… then you set out to recreate your vision and… big fat fail! Ended up looking like a big white glittery blob! What’s one to do when they get oh so stressed out over not one but 3 failed attempts?

Move on! So move on I did!

I bring you the glitz in another wonderful little trinket anyone can do, even got the kids involved to make one too!

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DIY Paper Mache String Christmas Ornament

These guys were inspired by my friend, Scarlett,  and a post she shared about Paper Mache String Pumpkins in October. My immediate thought when I saw this project was that these would make some really cute Christmas ornaments.   You can find her complete how-to here.  My only deviation was to use nylon twine instead of embroidery thread.  Also, if I were to do it again I would not pop the balloon until after painting.  Our ornaments got a little squishy during the painting process and I think the balloon would help retain the proper shape while wet.

Ready, set, paint!

My kids love to paint so this was definitely their favorite part of the project.  I actually experimented with rolling the string into paint squirted onto the plates.  It helped get paint into some of the cracks and crevices that the paint brush missed.  We used 3 different shades of Metallic paint from Folk Art and had very little leftover by the time both ornaments were fully covered.


My daughter’s finished ornament.   She was definitely a little rough with her ornament during the painting process and it dried a little misshapen, but she loved it and that’s all that matters.

My son’s finished ornament stayed a little more true to shape and turned out really beautiful.  His touch was quite a bit softer than the 4 year old and it definitely made a difference in the final product.

Both ornaments are now hanging on a special row of lights and garland hanging in the living room dedicated to ornaments they’ve created and collected.

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