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May 052014

I am a sewing pattern hoarder or I was…maybe I could consider myself in the recovery phase now.  I’ve sewn since I was in my early teens and have collected patterns ever since.  Lots and lots of patterns.  Over the years I slowly stopped sewing clothes for the most part and switched over to bags and home decor items, which left me with lots of untouched clothing patterns that I just couldn’t seem to part with.  You know they became one of those I need to keep this – just in case things.  Well, I have been working hard to break myself of that habit and have started to let some things go – patterns included.

Today I started listing some of the patterns on Ebay.  Only UNCUT patterns are being listed at the moment.   I have more to go through and will share an update if I find another large batch of uncut patterns.  Below is a sampling of the current listings.  I will gladly combine shipping, so please feel free to contact me if interested in multiple patterns.


tank pattern







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Feb 052014

We got a new bed at Christmas.  A HUGE new bed.  Well, it is to me anyway.  I’ve never owned anything larger than a queen sized bed my entire life, so when the boyfriend decided we needed to go king sized I was a little skeptical at first.  I’m mean do we really need a bed that big??  But, after about a day week later I totally get it.  It’s so nice to have the extra room, especially when one of the kids comes sneaking in at 2am, but the best part is being able to get out of bed without disturbing anyone.   Now either one of us can just roll out of bed without waking the other.  It is awesome, especially to a light sleeper like myself.  In our old bed I knew the moment he was even thinking of waking up and now on the weekends he is long gone well before I even think about rising.

Anyways, onto what this post is supposed to be about…headboard tutorials.  When we got the bed it came with a platform for it to sit on, but we didn’t purchase a headboard or footboard (and I don’t think we will on the latter).  I knew at the time that I would be able to DIY something, but would just have to decide on what style and how much work I wanted to put into it.

I thought I would share some of the tutorials I’ve found, which will link directly back to the site.  I love the eye candy of pinterest, but get so frustrated when I click on links-to-nowhere.

Nailhead Trim DIY Headboard - I actually love the headboard submitted by one of her readers the most, because I am fairly certain the boyfriend will want something more along masculine lines.  Her tutorial is very clear and easy to understand (as are most of her projects-love her blog).


Wingbacked DIY Headboard – I like this one too.  The buttons give it a touch of femininity, but the large square shape keep the masculine feel.


Tufted Headboard Tutorial – Great pictures in this one and she does it step by step.  This is another one I think I might be able to get away with as it doesn’t cross over completely into girly land. Oh, she also includes the different “names” for headboard shapes, which is helpful too.


Super Plush Tufted Headboard – This one looks so soft and comfy.  I’m not sure I’m up to the task of tackling that many tufts, but it sure looks good.


Unfortunately, the blog post for this one is now defunct, but I loved the look of the headboard so much I’m including it so I don’t have to go searching for the picture again.


I am also going to include another favorite that is straight from West Elm, so no tutorial available and it is no longer available from West Elm.  I am still really partial to this one for several reasons…the scale (nice & tall), the simplicity (love the jute fabric) & the masculinity (rectangle shape, nailhead trim, neutral fabric).  We’ll see where we end up!


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