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Upcycled Furniture Shops on Etsy

I’m all about finding news ways to use old things and etsy is a great spot to shop for ideas, inspiration and things to buy.  All of these shops have found a way to breathe new life into old, used items.

The Sweet Seat from ReGeared.  Talk about unique porch furniture…

I love the lines of this mid-century desk found in Terrafirma79’s shop.

Recycled map drawer coffee table from RememberWhenShoppe.  I love the mix of the barnwood with the funky claw style feet.

This screen created from antique typeset drawers is awesome.  I love all the color!  You can find it in the shop of AustinMetroRetro.

This little side table from an old crate has tons of personality.  It’s available in MrsRekamepip’s shop.

This is a great way to recycle old forks.  At first glance you don’t even realize you are looking at old forks.  So creative!  You can find lots of great creations in jjevensen’s shop.


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Pillows, Pillows Everywhere

When the boyfriend and I merged households several years ago, we both had couches neither of us were willing to part with. Big couches. Luckily, the house we rent has a nice, large living room with plenty of space for both of the monster sofas. Unluckily, the marriage of the two sofas is a bit of an odd mix. The man’s sofa is a more relaxed style that reminds me of a really over sized lazy boy and mine is a little more traditional with an updated twist. But, in order to keep everyone happy, ya work with what ya got. And, now that both of my children are out of the spread food, goo and who knows what else toddler phase I feel somewhat safe in doing a little redecorating.  My hope is to find some styles or colors that will work with both couches and possibly make their union a little more harmonious.

As usual I’ve started searching online versus the stores.  I like to find items and ideas that are more unique, than what you’d find in any of the big box stores.

  1. Green Bow Pillow
  2. The Bovine Pillow
  3. Ruffled Pillow
  4. Bee Pillow Cushion Tutorial
  5. Felt Monogram Pillow

My pinterest finds…





Source: via chai on Pinterest


Oh, this is a hard one. I love something about all of these pillows whether it’s the shape, style or the fabric. Decisions, decisions.

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