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Project Dresser Rehab – Finally complete…

Like a looong time ago.  Back in October I shared photos of an old dresser in our master bedroom that was in desperate need of a makeover.  Seriously.  Well, the thing is I did the makeover like months ago, but never got around to taking any photos of it once completed.   See the problem was that it’s new home was the landing at the top of the stairs and there is zero natural light  in that spot any time of the day, so it was impossible to get any decent photos.  This past weekend I did some furniture rearranging and swapped the dresser with a bookcase (another makeover project) in our bedroom.  Then just like magic – presto chango –  there was natural light!  Let the picture snapping begin.

First here is the dresser in it’s previous state…

old dresser

Don’t the cords just add to the overall beauty of the piece?  Anyways, the makeover was fairly straight forward.  I knew painting the base of the dresser was really the only option due to it’s rough condition.  Stain would not be able to hide all those dings and scratches.  First, I removed the handles, then filled any deep dings with wood filler and then sanded the whole thing down.  The top was still in really good condition, so I sanded that down to bare wood for staining.

Once all the prep work was done I mixed up some homemade chalk paint for the base.  It took 2 coats for good coverage.  Then distressed it a little bit before wiping dark walnut stain all over it to age the paint.   The top received two coats of the same dark walnut stain used to distress the base, which came out a nice rich color on the maple wood top.  After everything dried, I applied paste wax to the base and two coats of polyurethane to the top.

Here it is AFTER…

old dresser makeoverThe base is a light grey chalk paint that darkened when the stain was wiped over it.  The bottom drawer is warped, which makes it look like the handle is on crooked, but I think it just adds to the character of the piece.

I love the dark stain of the top paired with the light gray of the base…

glass knobsThe glass knobs I found at Hobby Lobby (50% off sale).  I had originally hoped to salvage the last handle (not shown in the before photo), but it was beyond repair.  In the end, I’m glad it was too far gone because I really like the little glass knobs.

dresser rehabI think the distressing works so well on this piece because it was in such rough shape there was no way to really disguise all the damage might as well highlight it instead.   This once abused looking dresser will now be able to perform it’s duties (we use it for storing extra bed sheets and towels) for many more years to come without being such an eyesore.


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Spray Paint Lamp Update

I found these lamps for a smoking good deal at a local thrift shop several months ago, with the intent of using them behind our living room sofa.  I had shopped online, in-stores and thrift shops for months prior to the purchase trying to find two lamps the right size to fit in that spot.    You can read all about that exciting tale here.  Anyways, they sat on the sofa table unused for weeks.  I would occasionally turn one on in the evening only to find it turned off a short time later…which was weird.  Weird, why?  Because no one, I repeat no-one, turns off lights in this house (excluding myself).  Seriously.  So when I kept finding them turned off I had to do some investigating as to why this amazing phenomenon was taking place.  After questioning the boyfriend as to why the lamps were switched off, I was given a very simple explanation.  The lamps cast a glare on the monster TV, which is distracting when it’s being watched.  See he uses that TV all the time and I don’t, so once I saw what he was talking about it made perfect sense.  That meant it was time to find the lamps a new home where they could actually serve a purpose (don’t have a clue what I am going to put on the table in their place).

Moving the lamps to a new room finally got me motivated enough to attempt an update on these somewhat dated ladies.  Here is a before shot…

lamp before I debated on lots of different painting techniques to try, but finally just decided on a simple, understated spray paint job.  I didn’t want to invest a lot time and money.  I just wanted to be able to walk past the lamps and not automatically think to myself ‘I really need to do something with those’.  Now I just had to decide on color and found what I was looking for at HD.  The perfect color was “Dark Steel” by Rustoleum.  It was a metallic paint so it added a little bit of sheen to the dark grey color.  Grey is always one of my favorite colors, so this was the one for me.



The first lamp was scrubbed down and all not-to-be painted parts were covered with tape before spraying on the new color.  The coverage with these metallic paints is really great so it only took a couple of thin coats to cover the whole lamp.  The hardest part was to make sure I sprayed in all the little nooks and crannies in the glass.  Once the paint dried it was moved to it’s new home in our master bedroom (on the new DIY Farmhouse Bedside Table).

lamp update after


Simple, understated and budget friendly update.  The metallic paints are more expensive at around $8 a can, but I was able to do both lamps with one.  I love that now when I see them I just see a couple of lamps and not another I need to get on that project.  And, best of all, we actually use them like every night.

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