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Doorbell Box Cover Ideas

Exciting topic, right?!  Okay, maybe not, but our doorbell cover truly is in a bad spot.  It is smack dab in the middle of one of the main walls you see right as you walk into our house.  Now granted you may also notice the dirty dishes in our kitchen and/or the messy dinner room table too, but at the moment I am looking for ways to make something more attractive permanently that won’t just turn ugly again moments after it is completed (I swear everyone runs to the kitchen and grabs a dish to make dirty seconds after I load the dishwasher).

This is the view of the wall as you come in the front door (with just a hint of my super messy kitchen).  I have painted the doorbell cover to match the lovely builder’s beige and had previously hung some of the kids artwork around it in an attempt to make it fade into the background, but with no luck (pictures came down today).


Today I decided to do a little googling to see what my options of getting rid of that sucker might be.  After just a little research I found that moving the box was more of a hassle than I was willing to tackle, so I started looking to see what others had done to disguise their boxes.

I found this great box/art piece made from pallet wood here.  They left the top of the box open to allow sound to escape.

IMG_1505-640x426And, then this monogrammed art display that fit over a doorbell box here.  She used mdf to create the box and then modpodge over fabric to cover it.

How-to-make-monogrammed-and-decoupaged-art.I also found more traditional covers that would at least make the cover look better, but I’m fairly certain I want it to disappear over look more attractive. These can be found here.

quorum-international-7-115-08Then I thought about all the tutorials I had seen for chunky shelves and discovered this hollow chunky mantle tutorial.

rough-hewn-wood-mantel-3_thumbThe mantle is screwed into two small 2×4’s coming out of the brick that held the previous mantle in place and I think that is what I will do to work around the doorbell cover.   Most of the floating shelf tutorials I found had a 2×4 or some other solid board running the length of the shelf along the wall for support, but that won’t work with the box.    So now I have an idea in my head of creating a few decorative shelves with one specially made to cover the box, we’ll just have to see if it all works out.



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DIY Media Cabinet for the Master Bedroom

One of the things that irks me about the setup in our home is that we weren’t given any option as to the placement of outlets, switches or jacks.  And it wouldn’t be  a big deal if they had actually placed the data/cable jacks in spots that made more sense.   The worst of all of them is the one in our master bedroom.   Due to the placement of the windows and doors in the room there is truly only one wall on which to place the bed (if it’s queen sized or bigger), so where did they place the data/cable jack??  On that wall, of course.  My guess would be that the placement has absolutely nothing to do with design and everything to do with cost efficiency.  That same wall is where the cable is placed in the downstairs living room.  Keeping all the cables running on the same wall has to save time and money I’m sure.  Okay, I’m done with my little rant moving onto the actual project. :)

Because we figured placing the TV directly above our heads would make it somewhat difficult to watch from bed and look more than a little strange, we purchased an extra long cable and put the TV on the opposite wall from the bed.  Nothing screams fancy more than a bright white data cable running the length of your bedroom floor.

I don’t have a great picture of the cable before I hid it behind the new molding, but here you get a general idea of the mess that corner had become.  The photo is a before shot from my dresser makeover project.

old dresser mbNow that I had pretty new window trim and beefed up baseboards it was time to tackle some of the other issues in the room that distracted from all my hard work.  First on the list was to disguise the TV and clean up the corner you see above.  The dresser stores extra linens and beach towels, so it didn’t have to live in our bedroom.  Because that could be relocated I decided to put a little media cabinet there because that corner is the first thing you see when you walk in the room – a side view of it anyway.  That means the first thing you notice is our TV hanging on the wall and TV’s are not the most attractive things in the world to me and not the first thing you usually expect to notice when walking into a bedroom.

I did some online searching with the knowledge I would most likely need to DIY something just because of the short wall that held the TV.  It was only a little over 3′ feet long.  The other issue was not covering the floor vent you can see in the photo, which meant going with something more narrow.  After looking over lots of DIY plans, I came across the Rebecca Media Center on Ana-White’s site (her site is down as I type this, so I wasn’t able to link directly to her plan).  I modified the Rebecca Side Hutch and Base plans to fit my space.  The side hutch was several inches shorter in width than I needed, so that is where the first modification came into play.  My finished unit is 36.75″ wide at the very top.

top hutchThe top hutch piece unfinished. The interior shelf is 31.5″ wide.   The plan calls for 2 shelves, but I eliminated the second shelf to create a space for our TV.

base unitThe base unit and drawer for the top hutch unfinished.  Another change from the original plan is the modification of the doors for the base unit.  The plan calls for inset doors, but I went with overlay mainly because I didn’t want to wait for hinges.  I couldn’t find anything locally and the doors being inset vs overlay just wasn’t an issue for me (overlay doors are also easier to install IMO).  The drawer in the top hutch is inset, so I added trim to keep the look the same visually even though they are two different styles.

After everything was built I brought it inside to paint.  I really liked the color of the units shown with the plan, so I chose an almost black color  that looked similar.

media cabinetThe finished unit.  Our TV is 30.5″ wide and the opening is a little less than that with the front trim in place, so I did have to slide the unit over the TV.  The base cabinet stores all of our bathroom towels, since our master bath does not have a linen closet.

media cabinet 2The middle shelf is perfect for displaying a few little knick knacks like my kids art class projects.  The drawer just holds extra remotes and a couple other odd ends.  The one thing I would do differently is add slides to the drawer (the plan doesn’t use any).  If it twists even slightly when pulling it out, it becomes difficult to open all the way.  If it was a drawer I used all the time, it would be a problem I would have to correct.  Luckily, it isn’t.  Haven’t touched it again since storing those few items inside.

side view media cabinetThe side view.  No TV in sight, right?  Almost all cords have disappeared, along with the TV.  Mission accomplished.

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