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31 Days of Get it Done: Day 2 – Latch Hook Rug…sooo close to complete

This is a project I started right before Christmas last year and it has turned into a monster because I was overly ambitious (an everyday problem for me).  The plan is to finish up the last few rows within the next 31 days and be done with this puppy!  I posted a previous update here and here is where I am now…

latch hook rug

So close to complete isn’t it?!  The photos are not  the best, because I snapped these at night.  I’ll be sure to take some better ones of the finished product.  I am a little scared to figure up the grand total of what I have spent on this monster, but because it’s been broken out over the course of almost a year it doesn’t feel as painful to the pocket book.   Each row is approximately 1 yard of fabric and the fabric ranged in price from $7.50 to $9.00 per yard (depending on which coupon I had available at the time).  Maybe when it is all done I’ll be brave and add up all those little rows…or not.

latch hook rug 2


I already have another one in my head that I want to start (crazy I know), but I just love the look and feel of it so much that I think I’m willing to tackle another one.   We’ll see if I still feel that way once the last loop is hooked on this one.   Which will hopefully be within the next 3o days!

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Spin Art into Wall Art

My son received a Crayola Spin Art set as a gift this past Christmas and really enjoyed creating some unique art pieces with it.  I really loved all the different splashes of color and told him that I thought it would make a great little art piece if we found a way to put them all together on display.  Of course, a million different things have happened since then to keep me from getting to this little project, but it is finally done and on display on our “art wall”.


This was super easy to create and only took about 10 minutes (not including paint drying time).  I started with the frame, cream thick art paper & the artwork.

First, the art paper was cut to the size of the frame.   Then using a round object (a lid from a jar was perfect for these) I traced out five random circles onto the paper.  Once the circles were drawn out I used a small rotary cutter to cut them out smoothly.   After all the circles were traced out I took it outside for some spray painting.  I wanted the mat to match the art rail, so it was sprayed with some leftover “lagoon” paint.  The art paper comes in many different shades, so the spray painting step could easily be eliminated if the right shade of paper was found.

When the paint was dry it was time to tape down the art to the back of the mat.  I had it flipped right side up first, so I could get a visual of the circle placement before taping anything down.   Once I found a layout I liked, it was flipped over and the little circles were taped into place.  The lid I used for tracing was about a 1/4″ smaller than the spin art, so I didn’t have to worry to much about getting them perfectly center.

With taping complete, I flipped it over just to double check everything before sliding into the frame.

It all looked good, so into the frame it went and is now proudly on display over the art rail in our dining area.  It is the first official permanent piece on the new art wall.  The plan is to go through some of their other art pieces from the past few years and create a collection to hang permanently above the art rail,  which has a continuously rotating display of current works.

Cost Breakdown:

Frame: $9 (Micheal’s w/coupon)

Art Paper: $0.99 (on clearance)

Spray Paint: $0 (on hand & completely optional)

Total Cost:  $9.99



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