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10 Before and After Dresser Makeovers

I originally started this post while still searching for something to put under the floating shelves in our kitchen/dining area, but have since decided to build something after having zero luck finding anything close to the size I needed.   But, I still wanted to share the makeover projects that I found while searching  for inspiration pieces.  Besides, who doesn’t love a good furniture makeover?

This is a great idea.  Possible way to create the perfect size for the space.  This particular dresser is BIG, but a smaller desk might work.

My Repurposed Life-Desk Into Chest_thumb[3]source

Beautiful transformation.  You’d never guess it was originally a formica dresser.  Definitely opens my mind up to other pieces I might have passed up in the past.


 This one was too cute not to share.  Not what I need for my current project, but it gives me some ideas of what to do with my daughter’s plan pine dresser.



I love the pretty blue of this dresser and the pencil trim near the top.



This is a great makeover.  You need to see the before to truly appreciate it.  I love the branch detail.



Another possibility for my daughter’s dresser.  I love the detail on the drawers.  This one is awesome IKEA hack.



I so wish I could have found a piece like this to with, but I didn’t find anything even close.  The post includes a how-to on the transformation of this particular dresser.



 This isn’t officially a dresser, but I love how different it looks after the makeover.  Something like this would have worked too, but no luck finding anything in this style either.



The texture on this one is very cool.  Good tutorial on how to create the look with a product called wood icing.



Fabric to cover the front of the drawers…who would have thought of that possibility?  I haven’t before.  Another possibility for my daughter’s dresser makeover too.



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Using Metal Cleaners – The Brass Monkeys

One of my favorite things about finding goodies at thrift stores is the discovery of what something can become with a little rehab effort.  Sometimes more than a little effort is required (like this bookshelf), but in the case of these monkeys that at I found at a local ARC thrift store only a little elbow grease was necessary.

As soon as I picked them up I could tell they were real metal, possibly brass.  They were nice and heavy, but really dirty as you can see in the picture below.

dirty monkeysI didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with them at first, but thought maybe I could use them as a candle holder or something like that.  Lucky for me I had to think while cleaning before I had to decide what to put inside that ring.

dirty monkeys topThe best product I’ve found for easily cleaning metal is Brasso.   It stinks like really stinks and you need to wear gloves or it will irritate your skin, but it also really works.

brassoIt’s pretty simple to use.  You get a good-sized rag and either squirt the Brasso onto the rag or directly onto the object you want to clean and start scrubbing.  I usually squeeze it onto a rag and then go to work.  These monkeys had lots of little cracks and crevices, so it some spots I squirted it directly onto the spot I wanted to clean to make sure it go directly where I needed it.

cleaner monkeysThe black gunk on the rag is all from the monkeys.  I wanted to leave some of the patina to keep  the character, so I didn’t scrub them to perfection.  And, I had one of those “Duh!” moments while scrubbing,  when I realized exactly what the monkeys could hold.  The kids and I won a rock sphere in an auction at a Rock and Gem show last year in Cheyenne.  It fit perfectly.  Just crazy luck I guess.

brass monkeys cleanThat poor sphere had just been sitting on a piece of PVC tucked away in our bedroom waiting for me to quit procrastinating and find it a stand.  Then on a random trip to a thrift store I found these brass monkeys for $7.  A little elbow grease later and Voila! problem solved.

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