New Feather Pillows…From Old Feather Pillows

I had this pile of old feather pillows that I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of.  The fabric covers were old, dingy and basically didn’t look like something you would want to lay your head down on at night.  But I love feather pillows.  Never mind the fact that you would have to use all 3 at one time to get enough fluff to create a decent pillow.  Didn’t matter.  So they sat patiently in a pile on the floor in our bedroom waiting for me to figure out what to do with them (apparently our bedroom has become the catch all for things I can’t seem to find a home for yet or those projects I just haven’t had time to start).  And, then finally  it hit me…why not combine all the feathers to create feather pillows for the sofa in the living room…duh.  I had actually already purchased some feather pillows from Wayfair (before my epiphany), but they were too small to use on the sofa.  My thinking was maybe with a combination of all the feather pillows both new and old I could create some nice, large pillows.

So I started with this, plus 3 small new feather pillows…

old feather pillows

First step was to create the new pillow linings and I used an old sheet for that.  My sample was one of the original pillows to the sofa.  You know one of those unattractive flat squares that they call pillows.  And, why do they need to give you so many?  Anyway, my original pillows were 20″ squares, so I created one to start with since I wasn’t sure just how many new  pillows could be made from the old dilapidated ones.  Super simple.  Cut a square (or whatever shape you want) and allow about a 1/2″ for the seam.  So the 20″ pillows were cut at 21″ inches each side.  Sew and leave a nice big opening in the bottom.   Here is the first lining…

pillow lining

Then repeat with the outside fabric.  I found this upholstery weight fabric at JoAnn’s and loved it.  The couch is brown again (was slipcovered in a dark grey, but now the two sofas are separated again so it’s back to the original color) and I was having a hard time finding something to go with it until I stumbled across this.  It is fairly expensive at  $45/yd, but I ended up purchasing a little less than 2 yards using a 1/2 off coupon.   Worked out to around $22 a pillow.  So worth it having finally found something that worked with the odd brown color of the sofa.

couch pillows

Now insert the lining into the pillow and let the fun begin.  I don’t have any photos of this part, but I really should have taken one of what looked like a bird massacre in our front yard.  Definitely recommend doing this part OUTSIDE, because it is messy.    I started with the old feather pillows first…cut a hole and start pulling feathers and down, stuffed those into the new pillow lining.  Repeat over and over again.  To create one pillow it took 1 and 3/4 of the old pillows.  Once the new feather pillow was stuffed to the desired size, I pulled as many of the stray feathers that I could that had worked their way between the lining and the outside fabric (just to avoid them poking through later).  Then I brought it inside and stitched up the lining and then the outside fabric.    Pillow one done.  Now repeat until all feathers are gone or as it worked out in my case 1 whole small pillow remained.

The finished pillows (I actually have one more not pictured – used one of the original pillows to the sofa).

finished feather pillowsThe old feather pillows have found a new use and work great.  Not only do these new sofa pillows look so much better than the original pillows to the sofa, but they provide so much more support when you need it.  And, most importantly, I have one project moved out of my bedroom…only a few more to go.