Repurposing an old Typewriter table…

Some young’uns out there are like…a “whaaat” table??  Yes, they still had typewriters when I was growing up and when I lucked out and was given an electric one at some point I was crazy excited.  :)  Anyways, this little table probably saw it’s heyday even before my time, but it was perfectly suited for my little project.

Old Typewriter Table


When we moved out of the rental and into our new home, my daughter chose the smaller of the two bedrooms (my son had no preference).  We all tried to convince her that the bigger of the two would be better for holding all of her crap stuff, but she loved the smaller one so in it she went.  A few things had to be sacrificed in order to squeeze her in there…including her desk and her old dollhouse.    And, that is pretty much how it sat for the past few months.  Everything just in there.  No real decoration or organization because I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to make it all work.   Too much stuff and not enough room.  Finally, while they were gone visiting family this summer a few ideas started to pop into my head and things have started to fall into place.

I knew she would need another desk in her room, but it just needed to downsize from her previous one.  This lead me on a long and tedious journey.  Who knew finding a simple, small desk could be such a pain.  The kids and I actually came across this little table buried behind some other tables at our local Habitat for Humanity.  With a sticker price of $18 and then marked down another  30% (because it had been there over 3 weeks), I walked out only spending $13 dollars on the perfect sized table.  And, it included a perfect, little drawer which we didn’t even realize until it slid out while I was carrying it.

After a little scrubbing & scrapping (to remove some old tape and rust spots) it was ready for some spray painting.  I found the perfect shade of green at my local HD.  It’s called  ‘Eden’ and is made by Rustoleum.  I let it sit for a few days to thoroughly dry before setting up my daughter’s little reading nook.  She loves it!

Repurposed Typewriter Table


It fit in the spot perfectly with just one of the extensions in place.  I am still on the hunt for the right chair because the one she has now is a little too big, but other than that this is one finished corner.  Yay.