May 182012

Shopping at Target is always fun and right now I’m loving all the summer patio decor.  We don’t have as large of deck as we did in our previous home, but some of these smaller patio sets would fit perfectly.

or this one…


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  95 Responses to “Friday Freebie: $25 Target Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for the chance!

  2. I love the toddler girls’ clothing at Target!

  3. They have good prices for my favorite brands

  4. Their low prices.

  5. I can get everything I need there

  6. the prices!

  7. variety of clothes

  8. They have the best stuff! I especially love their clothing for myself and my daughter.

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  9. Quality products at reasonable prices. :-) Thank you.

  10. the great prices and nice styles – not always a better price than Walmart but always a better shopping experience

  11. The low priced variety of items

  12. My favorite reason to shop at Target because the store is clean, and has modern and fashionable merchandise at a great price.

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  14. I love the quality.

  15. I love the low price on certain foods and paper products

  16. I love the fantastic selection of clothes.

  17. Great styles at great prices!

  18. sales

  19. just what I need at reasonable prices.

  20. wonderful merchandise within my budget

  21. Low prices and brand name products

  22. What I love about Target is they always have unadvertised specials and their red tag clearance items

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  24. I love Target’s prices and the quality of the stuff that they sell!

  25. I love my target card and the 5% off.

  26. My favorite reason to shop at Target is the great buys especially on pet products and their cleaarance items.

  27. the cute kids clothes.

  28. I love to shop at Target because they have everything I need in cute styles.

  29. one stop shop for all of our family’s needs at a good price

  30. They have low prices

  31. It has everything, my one-stop shop.

  32. I love the selection and the sales at Target.

  33. the prices are great.


  35. I like the quality of their things and their prices.

  36. The low prices and great selections of merchandise.

  37. Target carries Sport Ritter Marzipan! And at a much better price than anywhere else! Oh yeah, they also have just about everything else and good prices…

  38. My favorite reason to shop at target is that they allow you to combine manufacturer coupons with target coupons making it easy to get products and very low prices.

  39. They have both groceries and everythng else I need!

  40. The variety and price of their merchandise.

  41. The great deals on the things I need!

  42. Fair prices for good items.

  43. the nice selection of items for sale

  44. their prices

  45. i can get everything in one stop.

  46. its fun and I love their selection of clothing

  47. My favorite reason to shop at Target is because they are a one stop store. I can get everything I need there.

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  48. I love all of the groceries they have & the prices – thank you.

  49. It is close and has competative pricing.
    Thanks for the chance.

  50. I love their product selection!

  51. There is such a variety of things to choose from with low prices and good quality!

  52. Their great prices!

  53. I like the clearance items

  54. Good products at fair prices! Thanks!

  55. I love the prices.

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  57. New and unique items

  58. i love the clothes there

  59. I LOVE Target’s Home Decor!!

  60. I love Target because they have a great selection at great prices!

  61. Because they offer great coupons and great products, plus their store is always clean!!!

  62. I love the dollar section.It is a great place to get little things for the treasure box(I home school my 4 kids).

  63. Designer products

  64. I like their assortment of bedding

  65. i great good deals

  66. great pirces!

  67. I find great deals on children’s clothes there.

  68. I can get everything I need in one place, fun things too!

  69. I love target because it is my favorite store and I love everything in there!

  70. Target has good prices and it’s always neat and clean.

  71. Target always cares fun items that make me smile

  72. all the money I save.

  73. It has everything.

  74. besides liking their products, I like that there is enough space to shop

  75. My favorite reason to shop at Target is the great prices.

  76. Target has a great selection and great prices

  77. They have great prices

  78. Because Target looks bright and open and always has unique items for my home and also some unique snack foods.


  79. It’s such a nice store… and always seems to be better products than Walmart

  80. because the clerks are always helpful and they usually always have what I am looking for, thanks for a fantastic giveaway.

  81. To save money because they have a better selection than Walmart

  82. Affordable stylish products

  83. because they have super cute sandals for girls. thank you!

  84. great deals

  85. the great prices on everyday products

  86. the prices

  87. they have low prices

  88. they have great prices.

  89. The great prices!!
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  90. A big selection of products at really great prices.
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  91. selection of items

  92. Target has great sales.

  93. It is not Walmart (hate that place: see

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