Before and After Desk Makeover

I FINALLY have my own before and after project to share.  It’s not the project at the top of my list (the coffee table is), but due to some serious frustration in the living room makeover department (fabric related) I decided to tackle my daughter’s desk.  It was in desperate need of a makeover, so I don’t feel too bad about switching gears.

This desk was a steal…I purchased it for $5 at an auction.  It’s solid wood with just a little bit of damage to the corner of the smallest drawer.  Knowing the abuse my daughter would put this desk through the damage wasn’t really a concern and for $5 how can I complain.

It’s a slimmer design with some cute details and I knew with some TLC it would be perfect for my daughter.

So after dragging this little guy down to the garage for cleaning and sanding it was time for paint.  Lucky for me, this past weekend Ace Hardware was giving away a free quart of their new paint line, Clark and Kensington, so I snuck out early Saturday morning to visit my local store and select a color.

My daughter is fairly easy to paint shop for…pink or purple in pretty much any shade.  Actually, when I asked her what color she would like the desk her response was 1/2 pink and 1/2 purple.  She even told me which side to do which color.  Too funny.  I promised it would be both colors, but probably not exactly how she requested.  She was okay with that, so off to the store I went.   After a little bit of browsing, I went with a lovely shade of purple called, Johnny Jump Up.

I did apply a coat Zinsser’s Cover-Stain prior to applying the color.  The paint does say it is a paint and primer in one, but because the desk had a layer of old stain I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.  Here it is after one coat…

Fast forward to a finished desk because I completely forget to take anymore in process pictures.  I spent a long evening stenciling the top and the next morning doing touch ups before waiting to start applying a few layers of polycrylic.

The handles were spray painted in a gloss purple and the front trim is in a matching pink to the top.

It doesn’t look anything like the original and my daughter loves it.  I still have to tackle her chair, but a can or two of spray paint should make that a fairly easy project.  One project down and only a dozen more to go…

Cost Breakdown:

Desk: $5

Sandpaper: $0 (already had)

Zinsser Cover Stain: $0 (already had)

Paint: $0 – Johnny Jump Up – Purple (free courtesy of Ace), Pink & Blue for stencil (Oops paint already had), Gloss Purple Spray Paint (had from a previous project)

Polycrylic – $20 (new quart – PLENTY left over for more projects)

Total:  $25

If only they were all that cheap!!



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  1. That is such a great makeover! Now I’m wishing I had remembered to get out and get my free quart. I love these bargain projects and your desk turned out amazing!

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