12 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

3/20/15 Updated: My pinterest links disappeared at some point and time, so all the links have been updated directly to the original sources.

It was a Pinterest morning and I had Christmas trees on my mind. I am debating on whether or not to put up a full scale tree this year and thought I would do some browsing for ideas.  See we don’t usually spend a lot of time at home around Christmas.   We do quite a bit of visiting family and usually spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning elsewhere.   So I was thinking maybe I could go in the direction of something on a smaller scale.

Love the look of this, but oh-man I don’t think I have the patience for what it would take to assemble this tree.



I love the color of this one.


I think the kids would really like this one.  Colorful and fun.

candy christmas treesource

Wondering how this tree would look a little larger.  Would the stars still hold their shape?  Hmmm…
star tree


Edible.  Yummy.  Make those chocolate covered strawberries and I’m in.
food tree


An Etsy find and one the kids will love.  It sparkles and lights up.

sparkle tree


Sewing pattern tree.  I just love this one.  Must be the seamstress in me.

sewing pattern treesource

Funky and different.  I love the natural look of this one.

stick treesource

Pallet Christmas tree.  Very cool idea.

pallet treesource

She has great tutorials and they are all super inexpensive to make.


These are super cute!  Would love to make some of these for decorating other rooms in the house.


And, this one uses scraps of decorative paper.  Very cute and would be a fun project to do with the kids.

Tree 6source