Sewing Pattern Storage Ideas

Here are a few simple ideas for storing sewing patterns. I actually store mine a few different ways and for me it really depends on what type of pattern and how often I use them. The more frequently I use them the easier I keep access in both location and how each individual pattern is stored. I’ll start with my store bought patterns. I have loads of these as I have accumulated them since I was a teenager. Most of are clothing and costume type patterns with a few home decor in the mix.

I use simple storage boxes for the majority of my patterns. This old box was the perfect size, so I decorated it with comic strips and contact paper to make it more interesting before filling it with sewing patterns.

For some of the home decor patterns, I use a 3 ring binder and sheet protectors. The package and instructions are located in one sheet protector with the individual patterns separated out into their own sheet protectors behind the first. The notebook below is all pillow patterns. It seems silly now to have so many, but when I first began sewing it was impossible to imagine NOT having a store bought pattern before attempting to sew a project. The sheet protectors are labeled with the pattern number and the corresponding letter. If pieces were used for multiple patterns I would just note that on the sheet protector. The initial set-up for this method is time consuming, but extremely easy to access once completed.

Patterns I’ve designed for Martilena bags are stored in various ways, but most are stored one of two ways, out in the open within hands reach so they can be grabbed quickly and easily (especially those I use constantly) or in individual large ziplock bags inside this red bin that I keep on the cutting table. I’ve been in a little bit of cutting frenzy the past few days, so it’s not looking super neat at the moment.

My sewing/cutting/designing space is very limited, so as I continue to expand better organization of all my work space is becoming a requirement. It’s hard to find the time while busting out orders, but I know in the long run work will run so much smoother. I’ll be sure to share any storage and organization ideas along the way or if you have any to suggest, please feel free to share them.