Recycled Pallet Project Ideas

Updated 3/5/2015 – several of the pinterest pins have been removed as they were no longer valid.

I have had pallets on the brain lately. My mom works for a construction company and has access to a ridiculous number of pallets. All free for the taking, as long as she can find the manpower to load them into her truck. So the most recent load was delivered to me a week or two ago and since then I’ve been on the hunt for possible projects. Of course, I first had to tackle the fun task of breaking them down into usable lumber and made the mistake of thinking I could out muscle those screw-nails. You know those threaded nails they shoot into the wood with an air nail gun. Needless to say, the pallets won that battle, so out came the power tools. Now I have several nice stacks of mostly 1×4’s in various lengths. They still need to be cleaned, but I figure that can wait until I’m sure of my next project.

One of my first stops for ideas was Etsy.  I’ve sold bags on Etsy forever, so it’s a familiar shopping/browsing spot for me.  I was more than a little amazed at what some others have created from recycled pallets.   A few of these are waaay beyond anything I’m ready to tackle at the moment, but I wanted to share them.

  1. iPallet Table
  2. Rustic Pallet Shelf
  3. Reclaimed Pallet Wren House
  4. Giant Pallet Clock
  5. Pallet Captain’s Chair
  6. Antiqued Hope Chest

And, my second stop was Pinterest.  Always a fun spot to visit when searching for inspiration.  I’m thinking about contributing a project to the Pinterest Challenge here, so I figured a pallet project would be perfect.

The always useful crate. I have wanted to do one of these for quite awhile and actually have one in process. Would that be cheating?


Source: via Alida on Pinterest


Decisions, decisions…

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our pallet bird house! My 15 year old son actually made it for a 4-H project and is selling it for a trip to Japan with 4-H! It’s really great that you featured it!

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