$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

With the serious stress fun of holiday shopping fast approaching, who wouldn’t love some extra spending cash?  Although I do push some of my holiday shopping to the last minute, I love and truly prefer online shopping, especially for my kids. Usually they’ve requested specific toys items, so I don’t feel like I need to put my hands on whatever it may be before purchasing.   For the more fickle family members or friends, I do try to do a little face to face with whatever gift I may purchase just so I can be sure it’s something they’ll truly enjoy.  Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t return home empty handed from the store and then shop online for the best deal.  Amazon is among my favorites for shopping online because they offer something for everyone and their prices are reasonable.  Being a girl who loves a bargain, I love that you have the option to browse through used items too.  Now if I could only remember to start shopping sooner…

All entries options are included below.  Have fun!


41 thoughts on “$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Living overseas forces you to shop early! We have most of our shopping done already :) Amazon is fantastic for that – we can just ship to grandparents and then they add lots of other fun things and ship our boys a box overseas. Albeit, mostly small items b/c postage is outrageous. But, love it!

  2. Happy Halloween! :) Well, I do it when I can… so I guess I’m still mostly an early bird than procrastinator. (Basically when I have the money. LOL This year, two presents, in October, done. Love that.)


  3. Much to my annoyance and frustration, I’m a procrastinator. I am just right now starting to think about Christmas and about how nice it would be if I were to have it all done by the end of November! Wow! Stress relief!

  4. Well, I’ve already either bought or know what I’m getting my daughters… So I’m early there… I know what we’re making for the grandparents… But I haven’t a clue what to do for my hubby!!! So, I’m a little of both :)

  5. I vary….some years I see perfect gifts ahead of time and end up feeling very prepared, but other years I still find myself scrambling as December sneaks up on me.

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